Raining Cats and Dogs

“One who works with their hands is a laborer.  One who works with their hands and heart is a craftsperson.  One who works with their hands, their head, and their heart is an artist.”  St. Francis of Assisi

Heart-a-Day #16:  Raining Willie Bo’s & Bubbies

Another rainy day is approaching, but feel free to insert your own inclement weather here. When the weather shifts, I open my toolbox of techniques to keep the classroom consistent and calm. Flexibility comes first, since a weather change can cause even the best lesson plans to veer off course. So, I like to keep things simple, but with a few tweaks: As the students enter, I play soft classical music and dim the lights. This introduces a sense of calm. I also speak in softer tones, almost a whisper. I encourage the students to cozy up and sit closer to me than usual. I tell my story of a rainy night when I was five years old and how our babysitter put on a show for us. It made us forget all about the storm. The class will begin writing and illustrating a book about our favorite kinds of weather. At the end of the day, to maintain consistency, we’ll sing as many of our favorite songs as time permits. I like to think that everyone can find their silver lining in the cloud when I’m calm.

How do you keep things calm and consistent when the weather changes? Do you have a favorite song or story from your past that will relate to the day? Keeping things simple will help everyone weather the storm.


(Access to these photographs does not constitute a transfer of copyright or a license for commercial use.  The images are for personal use only.  No portion of the images can be used without the expressed written permission of Michael B. Stanley, Jr.)

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I am an artist, musician, author and kindergarten teacher wanting to share what I have learned about teaching and making art.

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