Making Time Fly

“The world speaks to me in colours, my soul answers in music.”  Rabindranath Tagore

Heart-a-Day #29: Time Flies

No matter how busy the school schedule, I always make it a priority to add some creativity to our day.  We recently had a visit from the Dairy Council, complete with a real-live cow and calf.  When we returned to the room, I gave everyone a blank piece of paper and gave them two minutes to draw or write everything they’d learned about cows from the presentation.  When they finished, we gathered together and everyone shared their drawings and writings.  But there’s more: I then told the class, “You have one minute to draw or write something you just learned from your friends about cows.” The students hurried to their tables, quickly adding new information.  Then we reconvened to share even more about cows.  Based on the results, there can never be too much cow information.  This project was a quick and easy way to add some creativity to the day.  We were even able to squeeze in a quick song and poem.  As we began our research, we sang the “Purple Cow” poem by Gelett Burgess.  (I never saw a purple cow/I never hope to see one/but I can tell you anyhow/I’d rather see one than be one.”)  We always try to sing or chant as we change activities.  We listen to music when we’re working  and oftentimes just burst into spontaneous singing.

How can you make time fly in your classroom?  Can you use a simple song or poem to begin a science lesson?  Can your students doodle an image inspired by a book you’ve just read?  Adding just a few minutes of creativity each day does more than make time fly.  It helps students soar!


(Access to these photographs does not constitute a transfer of copyright or a license for commercial use.  The images are for personal use only.  No portion of the images can be used without the expressed written permission of Michael B. Stanley, Jr.)



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I am an artist, musician, author and kindergarten teacher wanting to share what I have learned about teaching and making art.

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