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Heart-a-Day #37

“Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone. But with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards and my way of doing things in my art and my music, everything that has made me feel very different… in the end, it has made me the happiest.” Lindsey Stirling

In the spring of 1989, my boyfriend Ricky introduced my to the wonders of the downtown San Diego Public Library. He opened me up to an entirely new use for the library: sheet music, musical scores, and classic movie videos. I was able to find librettos to my favorite musicals like West Side Story. I could use them for the voice class I was taking at city college. I made copies (I’m sure while breaking several copyright laws) of music and lyrics of appropriate songs for my fledgling singing telegram business. I enjoyed watching movie classics like Giant and A Star is Born, entranced by the intricate story telling they offered.

Now, I have access to musical scores and movies at the touch of my fingertips thanks to the internet, WiFi and my smart phone. At a time without this advanced technology, having the library available for me to access these tools for making and enjoying art opened opportunities I may not have had as a young, struggling artist.

Have libraries made a difference in your life? What new and unique uses have you discovered libraries can offer? Share your library stories with your students. Give them the opportunity to find and explore the magic of libraries.

(Access to these photographs does not constitute a transfer of copyright or a license for commercial use. The images are for personal use only. No portion of the images can be used without the expressed written permission of Michael B. Stanley, Jr.)

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I am an artist, musician, author and kindergarten teacher wanting to share what I have learned about teaching and making art.

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